Santa Squad. Raise a cheer for all to hear and you could win big this year! Holiday Traditions are back! Check out Santa's go-to scents then enter our sweepstakes

Vanilla Bean Noel. Let's hear it for delicious sugar cookies with a hint of fresh vanilla - a treat this sweet can't be beat!

Winter Candy Apple. This festive fave will elicit a delighted squeal with red apple, winter rose petals, and candied orange peel!

Twisted Peppermint. This is one scent not to be missed. Everyone loves this cool peppermint scent with a sweet vanilla twist

Jingle All The Way. Iced clementine, sparkling snowflakes and blue spruce too, this new scent will havve you holler woo-hoo!

Merry Berry Christmas. A happy holiday blend of pink prescco and frosted berries. This new holiday scent is sure to make you merry!

Red Velvet Cheer. This new Tradition is a welcome addition! You'll love the scent of this cupcake-inspired limited edition!